A New Love

I hope all of you had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend.  I was very grateful for this long weekend.  It allowed me to take a couple of last-minute, unexpected shots, and it was great!  

A very good friend of mine has recently adopted a lovely, little, black kitty, who was most-certainly rescued from death row, thanks to her.  His name is Ely, and he's about 9 months old.  My friend, who has never had a cat of her own, was pretty anxious (as in super excited and nervous all at the same time!), and turned to me since I've had cats most of my life, with questions about training and what to expect.  So, I went over to her place, with camera in hand, and was greeted at the door by lovely Ely (that's eel-eye, to any of you from Ely, MN)!  What a curious, little lover of a kitten!  It didn't take much at all to get Ely comfortable...in fact, he was comfy all on his own, just purring and loving away, like he was showing off his lovely new home.

Anyway - here are a couple of shots I took of him while he was being so irresistibly cute!

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